LG Attune Red – What Makes It A Hot Cake?

The LG Attune, which has been launched this week, is creating a lot of buzz these days. The new touchscreen handset, which supports a host of multimedia features, has already started gaining attention of users for its elegant look. The red and black model, which is presently available with the U.S. Cellular Network, is expected to become the next hot cake in the market. If someone is planning to be a proud owner of this handset, he may take a peek at some of its features.

Outer Dimension and Weight

LG Attune can be a good choice for someone who wants to live in style. The 2.08 inches wide, 0.65 inches deep handset comes with a height of 4.05 inches. The total weight of the handset is recorded to be 4.37 oz, which makes it easy to use and carry. While the outer dimension of the phone is good enough to make it an attractive gadget, red color has given further boost.

Features at a Glance

The brand new handset of LG can be a good buy for any mobile phone user, yet it is best suited for people who are familiar with the functionalities of touchscreen phones. This sliding phone uses CDMA 1X technology and is supported by 800/1900 Dual Band CDMA. The wireless interface of the phone is supported by Bluetooth 2.1 and like every other handset; it supports the basic feature of Caller ID.  Short messaging service, email messaging and multimedia messaging services are supported by this phone.

LG Attune – Display and Camera Features

There is no doubt about the fact the connectivity, network coverage and call functions are some of the most important criteria that is to be verified before making a cell phone purchase. Yet, this is not all. Display and camera features are also something that is to be taken into account before making the selection. LG Attune fulfills almost every expectation of the buyers and comes with a display of 2.08 inches. The 1.3 megapixels camera of this phone helps in snapping some high quality images. Yet, the screen can only support, 240 by 400 pixels display. However, the customizable home screen option of the phone easily compensates any of its shortcomings.

What is the Best Feature?

LG Attune is no doubt a good buy for the professionals, who need to stay connected round the clock. It is also the right choice for people, who have to travel a lot. The 1000 mAh battery of the phone offers talk time support up to 360 min and stand by time of as many as 20 days. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the recharging the battery after a few hours.

What some Users Say…

Users have so far provided positive reviews about the phone. The phone enjoys good overall review and is tagged as a cost-effective handset. Yet, its exclusive availability with U.S. Cellular services has made some buyers a bit unhappy.


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